Our Story

NoHooKsMuzic, started out of Vancouver, WA by two brothers Alonzo "Blaccthekidd" Colbert & Matthew "TaE" Smith in 2017. Working together trying to find out a new direction. Wanting to change the way artist were being treated in the music industry today. Knowing that there was opportunity and their faith they took the leap to help inspire.  Their meaning of NoHooksMuzic, "Everyone should have the opportunity to Unhook from poverty." is their main goal to achieve   #GodFirst  #LetsUnHooK

What Inspires Us

Despite the many Independent recording companies, we do our best to consistently stand apart. Looking for new talent with new stories, new muzic for the world, and one more independent artist able to UnHooK from their Individual poverty. Giving each artist Equal opportunity. Letting them know that there are outlets that can help you stay inspired. Every artist helped is a step towards UnHooKing and providing change.  #GodFirst

Our Influences

We have  faith that has brought us this far. Reaching out and helping Independent artist get UnHooKed keeps us influenced enough. Just giving them the tools to keep going as we have. There is enough for everyone why cant we all UnHooK?. Helping those artist that have a passion, drive and goals as everyone here at NoHooKsMuzic. We Know its not easy, so we do our best to help who we can. #LetsUnHooK

Meet The Founders

Two like minded men, that have one smilair idea to help and giving a place where artist control their futures while doing so. giving each and all the chance to UnHooK. So, Let's UnHooK.

Check out the record that started it all "Hearts Drop" released collectively in 2017

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Alonzo (BlaccTheKidd) Colbert 


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Matthew (TaE) Smith