Don't worry we have a help section?

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective artist might have. It’s a good idea to look over these to help you out and find what and find what you need! If not contact support! Sure you can find our email around here some where.

How do I get on

That is simple all you have to do is send us a email (Click Here) telling us about your record and genre last we need is a link and we will handle the rest.

How do you promote user?

Depending on where your submission is placed, we will have a playlists for each of our submission section and we share and promote, share on our Facebook, and site promotion budget for the best artist experience. As we grow and receive donation we will have many other free ways of artist promotion and benefits.


Is really free?

Yes! We are a completely free music networking site and we plan on being that way till the end with enough support from artist like you!

How Do I become an Affiliate?

At this time we are making connections with businesses we have worked with in the past. In the future, we would like to start building with growing brand from the community.

Is NoHooKsMuzic a Label?

Yes! We are a label, but we are looking to help and support the independent music world. The place where the culture starts #GodFirst #LetsUnHooK

How can I join NoHooKsMuzic the Label?

We are always looking for hard working artist in all areas of the industry. the community is the first place we will place an ear too.