Sales Force Policy

NoHooKsMuzic’s highest priority is instilling trust in its brand. We therefore work hard to ensure that anyone selling NoHooKsMuzic products and services -- whether NoHooKsMuzic employees or authorized resellers and partners -- do so with an emphasis on transparency and ethics.
In particular, authorized partners and resellers selling NoHooKsMuzic products and services must agree not to:
  1. Post reviews or contribute any other editorial content to NoHooKsMuzic or any competitive site, whether positive or negative in nature. Feel free, however, to use NoHooKsMuzic to find great local businesses, read reviews, and even add photos with non-editorial captions (e.g., “chocolate donuts”, not “greatest chocolate donuts”).
  2. Encourage others to post reviews or contribute any other editorial content on NoHooKsMuzic or any other competitive site, whether by offering incentives or discounts, or even asking for reviews without any promise of compensation (e.g., don’t say “Review us on NoHooKsMuzic” or “If you had a great experience, please review us on NoHooKsMuzic”). The best reviews are organic; the rest are potentially biased.
  3. Vote on reviews as “useful”, “funny” or “cool”.
  4. Flag reviews except for violations of our Content Guidelines. Indiscriminate flagging may result in the suspension or termination of their relationship with NoHooKsMuzic.
  5. State or imply that they can “manage your reputation” or “remove your bad reviews” on NoHooKsMuzic, including any suggestion that advertising on NoHooKsMuzic will lead to more reviews or better ratings, or conversely, that not advertising on NoHooKsMuzic could negatively affect ratings or reviews.
  6. State or imply that they represent NoHooKsMuzic, are working “on behalf of” NoHooKsMuzic, or are in any way employed by NoHooKsMuzic; third parties must expressly identify themselves as employees or representatives of the company they work for.
  7. State or imply that they have an exclusive relationship with NoHooKsMuzic, or that they can provide NoHooKsMuzic-related products or services that NoHooKsMuzic itself cannot provide or that are not covered by an existing partnership contract with NoHooKsMuzic.
NoHooKsMuzic routinely monitors and tests compliance with the policies above, and will act swiftly and decisively against those in violation.
If you’re a business owner who has interacted with a NoHooKsMuzic authorized partner or reseller who you believe has violated the above policy or behaved in a manner unbecoming of NoHooKsMuzics values, please contact us here.