Oct 21, 2018

SoundExchange one of the most important sign-ups as an artist.

If you are an artist, we hope you have been informed about how important SoundExchange is. If you haven't heard of them and what they do for artist 365 days a year. we hope this blog posting can help inform you of the benefits they can offer.  

We have spoken to many artists, helping inform them about who SoundExchange, is and what they do. the number of artists that have no idea of who knows what SoundExchange is, the number is in the thousands. 

SoundExchange is a non-profit collective rights management organization. What does that mean for you as an artist? SoundExchange was Design by the U.S Congress to collect and distribute digital performance royalties for sound recordings. It pays featured, non-featured artist (Solo Artists) and master rights owners (Label or Artist) for non-interactive use of sound recordings under statutory licenses. SoundExchange has advocated for music licensing reform. As of this year (2018) it has paid more than $5 billion to recording artist and rights owners ( Label or Artist). The best benefit for you being an artist it is all free and no need for a label. If you have a representative (Label) you can still sign up for your account to collect your earnings. Depending on if you are with a label, they may have taken care of this for you or stated in your contract how this process will work for you. For independent bands and solo artists, YOU SHOULD have an account. It is vital to your career. all the long nights and days thinking on how to find this step, how to further and earn your income. SoundExchange should be your first stop. After all, it is free and for artist benefits. It's up to you to work hard, for them to be able to collect those royalties for you. 

Want to become a member today with SoundExchange click here. don't pass these opportunities's up   


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Have you ever heard of the American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishing, better know as ASCAP?

ASCAP, is one of the many performance rights organization (PRO) that can help collect your performances royalties. ASCAP, deal with helping artist that deal with many forms of musical arts performances. They are based on tracking and collecting royalties for live performances only. There are other performances rights organization that can help you collect and track digital royalties. In 2012, ASCAP collected over $941 million in licensing fees and distributed $828.7 million in royalties to its members. Although, they have a fees for each membership application you choose from, Writer or publisher which is a one time fee of $50 or Writer & Publisher, which also, is a one time fee just a bit more for $100. Depending on your needs you can pick the best selection for you.  If you just wrote the music you can just choose Writer. If you own a recording company while also, an artist under that so label, you would maybe be want to go with Both, Writer & Publisher. Its best to go for what you think is best for you or you brand. If you are interested in getting more information on ASCAP, and becoming a member CLICK HERE.

Being a artist its important to know where and how you can get what you have been working so hard for. The more information you have to get you one step closer, is a win win for any artist.